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Wanjiaxin Machinery introduces new technology to achieve mass installation of small wire thread inserts5827fastener
fastenerRecently, Wanjiaxin Machinery Company has introduced new technology to achieve mass installation of small wire thread inserts STM2-STM10 and so on. According to Ms. Feng from Wanjiaxin, this technology is composed of wir...

Zhejiang High-Strength Fastener Factory participates in the activity of drafting national standards2623fastener
First-class enterprises set up standards. Recently, Zhejiang High-Strength Fastener Factory has participated in the activity of drafting national standards for pipe flanges, washers and fasteners organized by China State...

PSM Wuxi passed accreditation of High and New Technique Enterprise by Jiangsu Science and Technology Office4356fastener
fastenerPSM Wuxi has passed the accreditation of High and New Technique Enterprise by Jiangsu Technology Office and obtained the certificate this week. Meanwhile two hit products, "Anchor Rivet Bush(ARB)"and "Hi-Tork Insert"are ...

Export Value of Zhejiang Minmetals Increased by 25% Year-On-Year4156fastener
In 2007, problems like frequent fluctuation of steel prices, increasing ocean freight, cut of export rebate rate and appreciation of RMB exchange, etc. heavily squeezed the profit margins of many enterprises.However, Zhe...

Your Best Source for Screws in Haiyan Infinity Hardware2514fastener
fastenerThere are numerous fastener factories in Haiyan, which is one of the biggest fastener production bases in China. The market competition there is very cruel. However, in the field of drywall screws and chipboard screws, o...

CIFC Finishes Phase 12311fastener
CIFC, one of the major projects in Haiyan, has finished Phase 1 of its project recently. It is learned that Phase 1 accommodates more than 900 booths in total. At present, more than 700 famous fastener enterprises across...

HKS Develops Quick Release Ball-Lock Pins for Aviation8103fastener
fastenerFounded in 2002, HKS (full name: Beijing Zhongshirong Technical Development Co., Ltd) is a company specialized in manufacturing and designing aviation ground facilities. In 2006, HKS developed ball-lock pins for aviation...

Changde Bolt's Brand Building Strategy2785fastener
There are famous brands on catering, so are there on garment and fastener. But the difference is that, there are fewer fastener brands when compared with catering and garment. However, a fastener company located by Don...

700 Fastener Enterprises Join CIFC Phase 12601fastener
fastenerThe first phase project of CIFC (China International Industrial Fasteners Exhibition & Purchasing Center) will be soon completed. On January 22, President of CMCA (China General Machine Components Industry Association)Mr...

Enlightenment from Ten Years' Business: Combining Enterprise with People--Interviewing Ma Jianping, General Manager of Shanghai Chunri Metal Product Co., Ltd.3358fastener
fastenerA group of goats led by a lion can beat a group of lions led by a goat. The sentence indicates that the leader is the soul of the whole group. The ability and quality of the leader can reflect the performance of the grou...

Strong Awareness in Certification and Concrete Corporate Culture--Dongtai Huawei6597fastener
fastenerEstablished in 1998, Dongtai Huawei Standard Component Corporation, a member unit of Chinese Machinery General Part Association, is specialized in producing stainless steel standard fasteners. By now, it has passed many ...

Integrate Brand, Customers and Employees—Talking with Hu Jian, Manager of Shanghai Minmetals Fasteners4206fastener
Shanghai Minmetals is a state-owned trading company that has a long history of 58 years. With endeavors made by Minmetals people generation after generation, its business keeps expanding and its trading scale grows rapid...

Zhejiang New Oriental: All for Customers3235fastener
In 2007, the release of National Hot-Dip Galvanizing Inspection Standard filled in the blank of domestic fastener inspection standard. This standard was made by Zhejiang New Oriental Company's Technological Innovatio...

Ningbo Anchor Sets up National Standard2328fastener
National Technical Committee 85 on Fasteners Standardization Administration of China held a conference in Ningbo on January 14 to set up the national standard of expansion anchors for use in concrete. The standard of "E...

Haining Sanlic Strongly Resists Low-Price Competition2779fastener
fastener"The market of non-standard parts is in chaos. A lot of enterprises are involved in low -price competition, which confuses the whole industrial people." Mr. Cao Jinhai, Factory Directory of Haining Sanlic Fastener Factor...

Longqiang to Expand North American Market2566fastener
fastenerZhucheng Longqiang Fastener Co., Ltd. told China Fastener Info that they had introduced four machines for making stainless steel bolts, which can further complete the specification range of stainless steel bolts. Today, ...

PSM Policing Intellectual Property4486fastener
fastenerPSM International tells us it has reached a settlement for an undisclosed sum with TR Fastenings Limited over an infringement of a design patent on the Tech-Sonic range of brass inserts for plastic.The Tech-Sonic range o...

Strong Alliance, Outstanding Advantages, Incredible Performance—Striving for Being the Biggest Fastener Production and Export Base in Northern China2953fastener
Along with the rapid pace of economic globalization, world manufacturing is transferring to China. Manufacturing bases are built in many places. China has become the largest fastener producer in the world. Although China...

Hongyu Fights against Antidumping by Improving their Brand2488fastener
fastener"Recently, we offer the new products of DIN 6797 internal & external teeth washers, square taper washers, DIN436 /DIN434 square washers." Ms. Zhang, Sales Manager of Hongyu Metal Company, says happily, "These new product...

Shanghai Qiangyi: A Company with Strong Awareness 2704fastener
Located in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai Qiangyi Fastener Co., Ltd., with its main products of square weld nuts, hex weld nuts, flange nuts, nylon self-locking nuts, domed cap nuts and rivet nuts, enjoys gre...

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