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Zhongbaotai’s “Titanium” Mission2484fastener
fastenerThere is a phenomenon in Chinese business circle. That is, once someone can get fortune in certain industry, people will rush to this industry. However, only those who choose to compete with differentiation can become th...

Zhejiang Chaoboer Sees Growth despite Economic Slowdown2625fastener
fastenerKnown as the indicator and barometer of the fastener industry, the 8th Fastener Trade Show Suzhou was successfully held from 1-2 November 2012 at Suzhou International Expo Center. Having interviewed some of the exhibitor...

Jiashan Yongxin Successfully Builds Prestigious China Fastener Export Brand3912fastener
fastenerThere is a good way for Chinese manufacturing companies to build and promote their brand names in business world, which is called “group exhibiting”, that is, several companies exhibit their brand names in the show toget...

Foshan Zhuhui becomes Japanese car makers’ supplier3105fastener
fastenerFoshan Nanhai Zhuihui Metal Products Co., Ltd., China’s famous large special fastener manufacturer was pleased to announce that it has officially become the supplier of Toyota, Honda, and the like Japanese Car Make...

Chaoyi Screw opens new plant in Taicang4758fastener
fastenerdouble-head boltsChaoyi Screw Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has opened a new plant in Liuhe Town, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province in May with a total investment of 10 million US dollars, registered capital of 5 million US d...

Dongtai Huawei adjusts product structure3693fastener
fastenerNowadays, there are a large number of companies that produce or distribute stainless steel standard fasteners. Dongtai Huawei Standard Component Co., Ltd. chooses to produce both stainless steel standard fasteners and sp...

Haiyan Heaven & Earth develops non-standard fasteners3151fastener
fastenerSince 2001, Heaven & Earth Hardware Products Factory has been expanding its product range from self-tapping screws to hex bolts, carriage bolts, wood screws, square head set screws, stamping parts, etc. In 2008, it d...

Dongguan Elehk: focusing on plastic fasteners4194fastener
fastenerNiu Yongqiang, general manager of Elehk Plastic Electronic Co., Ltd. said, “Many of our customers are foreign-invested companies who used to purchase plastics fasteners from foreign countries. Having done lots of i...

Guangzhou Chiku Screw: To be the Most Professional Manufacturer of Flash-Point Drilling Screws4845fastener
fastenerRevenues of many fastener companies saw decrease due to the weakening demand from the global markets in 2012. However, Guangzhou Chiku Screw Co., Ltd, a professional manufacturer of flash-point self-drilling screws, exhi...

Haiyan Brother United to Showcase Nuts in 8th Fastener Trade Show Suzhou3018fastener
fastenerWith over 10 years of experience in manufacturing various nuts in a wide range of specifications and materials, Haiyan Brother United Fastener Co., Ltd. will present its competitive nuts at the 8th Fastener Trade Show Su...

Zhejiang Chaoboer: Quality is Our Life3708fastener
fastenerEstablished in 2001, Jiaxing Chaoboer Electrical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various standard and non-standard bolts, screws, machining parts and stampings. With a 12,000 square-meter plant and 15 product...

Haiyan Haiyan favored by emerging markets3265fastener
fastenerEstablished in 2002, Haiyan Haiyan Plastic Fasteners Co., Ltd. is an ISO9001:2008 certified company specializing in drywall screws, self-drilling screws, tapping screws and chipboard screws in accordance with DIN and ANS...

Turn Dream into Reality--An Interview with Mr. He Qi, General Manager of China Worldbest Holding Ltd.3867fastener
fastenerA successful person always dreams big. If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count. Mr. He Qi, general manager of China Worldbest Holding Ltd., is practicing this philosophy step by step and turning his dream...

Zhejiang Qifeng Enters Top-End Market and Expands Product Range2802fastener
fastenerAffected by the European and American debt crisis and economic recession, China fastener market is facing a downward trend in 2012. Many small and medium-sized fastener companies are suffering a series of difficulties su...

Shanghai JingYang Enters Japanese Market2680fastener
fastenerIn June, Shanghai JingYang Fastener Co., Ltd. took part in M-Tech Tokyo for the first time. Chen Gang, general manager of Shanghai JingYang said, "What Japan impressed me is that their products are of good quality a...

Hengfeng Launched New Stainless Steel Rivets3138fastener
fastenerChina’s biggest manufacturer of stainless steel rivets—Hengfeng Rivet has achieved a high increase in sales since it launched the all stainless steel closed end multi grip rivets in 2011.The all stainless ste...

27 Years of Experience —Suzhou Fuyuan Showcase High-tensile Fasteners 2269fastener
fastenerThe famous brand in fastener industry—Suzhou Fuyuan plans to exhibit high-tensile fasteners (Booth: A01, A05, A07) in the upcoming 8th Fastener Trade Show Suzhou scheduled for November 1-2, 2012 at Suzhou Internati...

Shanghai Yunchong Electronics Adds New Product Categories2737fastener
fastenerShanghai Yunchong Electronics reported the company is engaged in adding new product categories. Yunchong is a professional manufacturer of self-clinching fasteners and panels. Now it decides to expand its categories by a...

Zhuhui Metal Expands its Market Share in Auto Fasteners5490fastener
fastenerFoshan Nanhai Zhuihui Metal (Zhuhui Metal), the famous large special fastener manufacturer in China is currently expanding its market share in automobile fasteners.  Zhuhui Metal was established in 1988, a key boomi...

Shanghai J&M: Combination of Hardness with Softness4507fastener
fastener"There is a saying in English: April showers bring May flowers; while there is a similar one in Chinese which literally means - Good honing gives a sharp edge to a sword (sword is pronounced “Jian” in Chinese), and bitte...

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