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Closed end Small Dome Head Round Body Rivet Nuts
Suzhou Jinliujiao Precision Mold Co.,Ltd

JinLiuJiao? blind rivet from the rivet body and a mandrel composed of two parts, is a kind of one-sided riveting with rivets, but must use a special tool – Riveter (manual, electric, pneumatic) is riveted.Such rivet is particularly suitable for the inconvenience ordinary rivets (to be riveting from both sides) riveting occasions, it is widely on the construction, automotive, shipbuilding, aircraft, machinery, appliances, furniture and other products used.

Contact Info.
websit ldheadin
mobile:+86 13812916648
e-mail :coldhea dingdie@
address:No.11, Xingye South Road, Economic Development Zone, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, China

# features:
* very small head protruding thickness, and do not need to sink holes.
* rigid body can increase the anti-rotation performance.
* vertical stripes can be used for softer materials such as aluminum, plastic...
* stainless steel and aluminum riveting nuts have good corrosion resistance.
* aluminum weight is lighter.
* the material thickness is thin and the workpiece is not easy to hit the head hole and the backside of the mother material is required to be smooth.
* the use of the rivet nut will not affect the surface of the clamping parent material to be plated or oil.
* the connection of the thin plate provides great convenience.
* applicable to food processing and chemical industry (stainless steel)
* excellent waterproof and gas proof.
# application:
* the auto industry
* electrical engineering
* heating and ventilation systems.
* electronic components.
* food processing industry, oven, needle press, snack bar, etc.
* office furniture, cash register, desk, chair, photocopier, etc.
* plastic parts
* recreation facilities, climbing walls, swimming boats, swimming pools, etc.
Specification parameters:
* material: aluminum alloy, steel, stainless steel.
* unit: mm (mm)
* thread specification: M3-M12.
* column: round body and knurled body.
* hole size: metric system.
Closed end Small Dome Head Round Body Rivet Nuts
2019/1/22 8:29:00


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