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DIN 967
Product grade A cross recessed pan head screws with collar : Cross recessed pan head screws with collar Product grade A
DIN EN ISO 7045 | Replace DIN 7985
Pan head screws with type H or type Z cross recess-Product grade A(ISO 7054:1994)
DIN EN ISO 7046-1 | Replace DIN 965
Countersunk flat head screws (common head style)with type H or type Z cross recess,product grade A-Part 1:Steel of property class 4.8(ISO 7046-1:1994)
DIN EN ISO 7046-2 | Replace DIN 965
Cross recessed countersunk flat head screws (common head style),product grade A-Part2:Steel of property class 8.8,stainless steel and nonferous metals(ISO 7046-2:1990)