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Suppliers for Nut
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Tianjin Pingyuan Hardware Co., Ltd.fastenerjzz
Ms. Jessica JiaTel:+86-22-23790212
Address:No8,Jianshe 5th Branch Road,Balitai Town,Jinnan District,Tia...
fastener We are specialized inDIN, ANSI, ASME, BS, AS, NFE, and GB standard and non-standard of washers, including Thru-hardened flat washers, Malleable washers, squ...

Murray(Tianjin )Hardware Co., Ltd.jzz
Ms. LIHUTel:022-58611622
Address:Miyun Road, South Road, Nankai District, Tianjin Hardware Ci...
8.8 / 10.9-class / 12.9 / 304/316 (country subscript) Anglo-American system outside hexagonal bolt, the Anglo-American system within the hexagonal screw nut of ...

Ms. guomiaomiaoTel:86-18699120830
Address:Wangwenzhuang Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin, China
fastenerMain Products: Various kinds of self-drilling screws, drywall screws, chipboard screws, washer head self-drilling screws, washer head screws gimlet point, conc...

Tianjin XZB Iron & Steel Anti-corrosion Engineering Co., Ltd.jzz
Mr. ThomasWangTel:0086-020-13011374025
Address:500m North of Yi Xing Bu flyover Bridge, Jing Wei Road, Bei ...
fastenerMechanical plating Sherardizing( Mechanical rolling Sherardizing)

Tianjin Bolts Fastener Co., Ltd. jzz
Ms. XuTel:022-26981995, 26981996, 269819...
Address:No.12 Longhui Road, Shuangyuan Industry Garden, Beichen Scie...
fastener bolts nut washers set sctews

Sun and Moon Hing Metal Products Co., Ltd. Tianjinjzz
Mr. MenglingyuanTel:18622507975 022-68673113
Address:Tianjin Jinghai Yang Bridge under the South China Petrochemi...
fastener Convex weld nuts, flange nuts, connecting rod nuts with flange bolts, washer bolt, bolt, projection welding screws, studs, electrical bolts, pipe joints, small...

Tianjin joint special steel Co., LTDjzz
Mr. WangTel:022-26344005
Address:China tianjin
fastenerFinishing the main rebar the sales staff, HRB500 (Z), PSB785, PSB830, PSB930, PSB1080 finishing rebar and anchor nut, connectors, 15122629589 Finishing reinfor...

TianJin Phibory hardware sales Co.,Ltd. jzz
Mr. Ligang WangTel:15122142183
Address:Nankai District, Tianjin City West Road mustard fuyueli 15-2...
Products using standard: International standard (ISO), German standard (DIN), national standard (GB), standard Italian (UNI), Japanese standard (JIS), American...

Tianjin Zhongchengxin High Strength Fasteners Co.,Ltdjzz
Ms. nancy leeTel:086-022-28750333
Address:Balitai Town Industrial Park, Jinnan, Tianjin, China (Mainla...
GB/T 1228 10.9S,GB/T 3632 10.9S ASTM A325 A490, ASTM A325 TC A490 TC,ASTM F1852 ,ASTM F2280,DIN 6914

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