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Suzhou Ruihe Hardware Co., Ltd.

Ruihe sharp and Hardware Co., Ltd.
Company Profile
Sharp and hardware, professional production and sales all kinds of high quality stainless steel and alloy steel fastener products. The spirit of "a brand and service," the quality policy, and always located in the high-quality, high-grade products. Will continue to bring the broad masses of various types of high-quality fasteners customers. Since its establishment, the performance has been steady and rapid growth. In addition I own a variety of fasteners sold outside, in order to enrich the product line, also made a number of large-scale Taiwanese fastener manufacturers qualified agent. In order to improve the quality of service and reflects the speed, reduce customer acquisition cost, the company in March 2007 in Suzhou Industrial Park, set up their own production and processing bases (China's largest valves, pressure pipelines, fluid engineering with high temperature and high pressure, low-temperature high-pressure Fastener manufacturing enterprises), the company has formed a Section of the professional industry and trade in one system fastener systems. Main products are as follows:
First, stainless steel inside and outside the hexagon bolt series: All teeth outside the hexagonal GB5783/DIN933/ANSI B18.2.1, under semi-rough teeth GB5782/DIN931/ANSI B18.2.1; Hexagon GB70/DIN912/ANSI B18.3; within the first half Hexagon ISO7380/ANSI B18.3; Hexagon head DIN7991/ANSI B 18.3; rings screw GB825/DIN580. Material, grade: SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L, B8, B8M.
Second, nut series: Hex Nuts GB6170/DIN934/ANSI B18.2.2; thin nut GB6172/DIN439/ANSI B18.2.2; nylon locking nut DIN985; all-metal locking nut DIN980; cover-shaped nut GB923/DIN1587; flange Nut DIN6923; Quartet welding nut DIN928; Hexagon weld nut DIN929; butterfly hat DIN315; rings nut DIN582; with tooth lock nut (K cap). Material (grade): SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L, B8, B8M, carbon steel.
Third, high-strength bolt series: Hexagon GB70/DIN912/ANSI B18.3; outside the hexagonal GB5783/DIN933/ANSI B18.2.1; stud (by American standard A193). Material (grade): B7, B7M, B16, L7, L7M, etc..
D, stainless steel and alloy steel set screws series: Au-side GB80/DIN916; ping client GB77/DIN913; cone end GB78/DIN914; cylindrical side GB79/DIN915. Material: SCM435, SUS304, SUS316 and so on.
5, stainless steel machine screws, self-tapping screws, rivets Series: GB818, GB819, GB820, GB823, GB65, GB67, GB68, GB845, GB846, GB847, GB867 (sign rivets), and other combinations GB9074.4 screw.
VI washer series: ordinary flat pad GB97/DIN125, wide flat pad GB96/DIN9021, Xiaoping pad GB848/DIN433, combination pad-ping GB9074.24, shells pad GB93/DIN127, light shells pad GB859, for heavy shells pad GB7244, portfolio shells pad GB9074.26, and so on. Material: SUS304, SUS316 and so on.
7, pin: pin openings GB91, cylindrical pin GB119, flexible cylindrical pin (GB879-DIN1481), with cylindrical threaded pin GB120, cone sales GB117, within the tapered pin thread GB118, such as pin GB882. Material: SUS304, SUS316, carbon steel and so on.
8, stainless steel mini-screw series: M1.0 ~ M2.5, ST1.0 ~ ST2.2. Material: SUS304, 302HQ, etc..
9, non-standard order: tailor-made according to drawings or samples of all kinds of special screws, nuts and so on.
Our products applicable to machinery, petrochemicals, telecommunications, home appliances, construction, (nuclear) power stations, valves and other industries. The company has long been engaged in a wholesale and distribution fasteners team, with strong distribution capacity of the fast. Has consistently supported the "warm, accurate, fast-track" service concept, and strive to provide customers with top-notch service!
Product advantages:
1. Nut category: DIN934 M1.6-M3 (Taiwan entry); DIN985 M3-M8 (Taiwan entry);
GB923/DIN1587 M3-M6; butterfly hat DIN315 M3-M8; DIN6923;
DIN928, DIN929; 194/2H nut and so on.
2. Tight set: stainless steel (304,316) M2 * 3-M12 * 16,12.9 level (45H) M3 * 3 and above specifications (Taiwan entry);
3. U.S. and outside the hexagonal screws, machine screws: 4 # and above the specifications of stainless steel (304,316);
4. High strength stud, double-headed, such as: B7, B7M, L7; (valve industry support: Suzhou Newey valves, nuclear valves and qualified for the Soviet Union side)
5. Non-calibration done: strong technology, fast response, excellent price, prompt delivery.

Yui and Hardware Co., Ltd. Suzhou: Welcome letter calls consultations, negotiations, let us serve you faithfully, and common development!
Contact: Ms. Ann James
Tel :0512-6728 6760 6728 6697 Mobile: 15151445630Fax :0512-6728 6770 Tradelink: rhwangyang
Company URL: http:/ / www.chin afastene   gb/ comp.aspx.ID=12098
Personal QQ: 420484468 E-mail: rh wang yang@ 126. com MSN: wh wang yang@

Main ProductsThe Most Competitive Products
1. Nut category: DIN934?D IN985?GB 923/DIN1 587?DIN3 15?DIN69 23?DIN92 8?DIN929
2. Tight set
3. U.S. and outside the hexagonal screws?machine screws
4. High strength stud?double-headed
5. Non-calibration done: strong technology?fast response?excellent price?prompt delivery.
1. Nut category: DIN934?D IN985?GB 923/DIN1 587?DIN3 15?DIN69 23?DIN92 8?DIN929
2. Tight set
3. U.S. and outside the hexagonal screws?machine screws
4. High strength stud?double-headed
5. Non-calibration done: strong technology?fast response?excellent price?prompt delivery.

Contact Us
Suzhou Ruihe Hardware Co., Ltd. | 1. Nut category: DIN934?D IN985?GB 923/DIN1 587?DIN3 15?DIN69 23?D
No.100, Wangtianjin Alley, Suzhou City

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